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The core values of Grubby Gardens are:

  • Creative garden design, which is focused on meeting the practical and aesthetic needs of the people that use the garden, and really trying to capture the feeling and personality that you want your garden to have.
  • Working to enhance biodiversity in gardens
  • Spreading the word about edible perennials.

Or, in slightly more impassioned terms:

I want to create a piece of life, to capture the essence of what the garden’s person(s) really like and want, to help them to create their memories and to experience nature first-hand, really close-up; to create a buzzing, twittering, rustling garden that could be for parties or silent meditation, for picking berries or sniffing flowers, for being busy or doing nothing. A garden you want to be in. I want the garden to be personal. For you.

All garden design projects start with a home visit which takes approximately 2 hours and costs 3 000 kr including VAT. After that I create a tailor-made garden design package to suit your specific needs.

Grubby gardens can help with all aspects of creating your garden, from design to implementation. I would especially like to bring your attention to our Slow Garden Design concept – hands-on garden design, where we do practical gardening work in parallel with the design process. This shifts the focus towards getting to know, taking care of, and making the most of what the garden already has to offer whilst working to fulfil your vision for the space. We also use temporary planting and arrangements in pots so that you can enjoy the garden while the work is ongoing.

I am based in Vaxholm but willingly work further afield in the Stockholm region.

If you need help to plan your garden please get in touch and I can tell you more.

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Best wishes

Nicky English
Certified Garden Designer

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